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1Keeping employees informed about how the business is doing and its future  
2The use technology to improve the way that we operate internally  
3Our ability to meet customer demand due to Covid19 imposed changes in operating conditions  
4Our understanding of what our new and existing customers need at the moment  
5The ability to generate enough cashflow to still be in business by end of Dec 2020  
6The amount of sales revenue generated continues to meet our plans  
7The creation of new products/services  
8The effectiveness of our sales force/channels continue to allow us to interact with both new and existing customers  
9The financial resources available to achieve our 3 year vision  
10The flow of enquiries from both new and existing customers  
11The level of trust in and empowerment of our employees  
12The profitability of the business  
13The use of technology to improve our service to customers  
14The way of delivering our products/services to meet our customers’ needs  
15The way the workforce is happy and engaged and really motivated to help us succeed  
16The way we operate through the creative use of technology  
17Our ability to comply with rules relating to issues surronding Covid19  

Answer choices:

Coundn’t be improved
Very Good
Needs Attention
Could be better
Major issue

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